Everyday Hijab Tutorial (with twisted back!)

- October 29, 2016



Hi Guys!!
So I’ve finally made this quick (and amateur) video on my regular hijab style! Many of you asked for it on Instagram so here it is finally! Please bare with me as I figure out the science of YouTube lol. If you guys have any tips for me on how to get better, please share!! And please no mean comments – if you don’t like this video (which is completely fine with me) keep scrolling. Mean comments will not be tolerated. Thanks for watching…Lots of love guys!

Blog: www.sincerelymaryam.com
Instagram: @mfasadullah

Update – This style works best when you have your hair up in a bun that way it holds up best!

Comments (86)

  • so nice

    Anonnya Oni - 12 months ago

  • so nice

    Anonnya Oni - 12 months ago

  • Masha'Allah sister u r very adorable. ... n this tutorial is tooo good. Jazak'Allah wa khair for uploading. .. : ) May Allah bless u with the best.

    Abir Jilani - 14 months ago

  • Cute😄

    Monoar Ali - 15 months ago

  • Mashahallah ur so cute

    Mohammed Alu - 15 months ago

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