Everyday Simple Hijab Tutorial

- October 28, 2016



Ninja scarf, tube underscarf and chiffon hijab

We hope you like this every day hijab tutorial

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  • I love hijab. From what i have learned, i like the meaning of why woman wear them. I also think they are so pretty and can be worn sooo well. But i dont think i could wear one becuase of my church. Im Christian, but i dont want to be judged.

    Sarah McLeeson - 0 days ago

  • Does the under scarf (ninja scarf) have to match the color of the chiffon hijab over it?

    Duh.Its.Z - 1 days ago

  • I'm fully convinced a lot of Muslim women wear the hijab just to look prettier, and to magnify their face in a more positive way.

    Everyone knows when you wear a winter cap, or something along those lines, it makes your face look better, and brings a different more positive look to your face. Muslim women don't have to wear it, but I'm fully convinced most do to make themselves look prettier. Gtfoh with that religious pride BS. They're just trying to make their average faces look less average by magnifying their face in a more aesthetic manner.

    Also, it's more "mysterious" looking, and that can be seen as attractive and primal in a sexier manner. LMAO at a lot of Muslim clowns that say it's strictly for religious purposes.

    TIKI K - 1 days ago

  • BOOM!

    Sadistic Soviet - 1 days ago

  • The video starts at 1:59. Your welcome.

    bts bangtonboys - 2 days ago

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